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Forget Disney, the DD is the new Nazis!

2009-09-06 08:04:26 by Archawn

We must stop them before it is too late.

We must form the Anti-Duck-Division!

ADD For short.


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2009-09-06 10:25:56

they are nowhere as powerful or intelligent.

Archawn responds:



2009-09-06 11:46:41

Sabrina, help, ducks are attacking me, stapping me with their beaks!!!

Yeah, I survived the Disney attack because they let me go when I suggested giving them all handjobs. It took me 24 hours, and it was disgusting as hell, but who cares, I survived!

But now I'm dying, call your batmobile NOW!

Archawn responds:

What's wrong with you, Janet, this is serious!


2009-09-08 07:53:44

Great... Now them?